Allentown Art Museum

This past Saturday I attended the opening of the new exhibit at the Allentown Art Museum. What a night, the turnout was astonishing and the event first class. I was excited to see such support for a top attraction in our region. I even had a chance to visit the new restaurant in the PPL plaza, Johnny Mananas.

Just found this great blog Allentown good news has more local information on JM and what’s happening in Allentown. JM’s should do well, nice design and great location, hopefully they can get some well lit signage, so people know it is there.

This is my first comments about the Morning Call, probably not my last, as I use this space to hopefully share my thoughts on something dear to my heart, I hope to get some feedback on what is happening in the local print media. First, let me say, it must be a very hard task to print a daily newspaper. Just the amount of staff alone to cover, comment, advertise, print and distribute every day is a monumental task.

One of my pet peeves is the half sheets in the classifieds. The savings would be better spent donating the space to all the 501c3’s in the Valley that need the support. Second, Sam Zell came to town and none of the subscribers or advertisers where informed or offered a chance to provide our feedback on the paper.

As a keen business owner, I am sure he would like to hear our input. Kudos to the Advertising team and the MCALL senior staff for recognizing the best advertising sales person in the Valley – Kathy McGlade. She spent many a late night rewriting ads for me and literally stopping the presses a few times to make sure the ad was perfect. Congrats Kathy.

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