Passenger Rail – Now is the time!

Regional rail to NYC and PHL will open the Lehigh Valley to millions of potential visitors from NY, Boston, PHL, Baltimore and Washington, DC. As residents of the region we would not only benefit from access to high paying jobs, but also access to some of the finest parts of our country for vacations and weekend escapes.

As someone, who drove to Lansdale daily, only to pick up the train to reach center city PHL for almost 2 years from 1999-2000, I know how difficult this trek was then, it has only become less apealing over the last 8 years as traffic on the TPK has increased and made the trip to Lansdale, less reliable.

Imagine, getting on a train in the Lehigh Valley to take a plane out of PHL. Or picking up a train in the Lehigh Valley for a show in NYC.

Imagine, the growth in tourism in our region and the increase in jobs as access to millions of residents flock to our regional attractions, festivals and museums. Here is a link to a blog that has contacts and links for additional information.

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