Baseball Gods – Please forgive the Morning Call

I opened my Morning Call Sunday inserts to see the glossy poster celebrating the Phillies Playoff success, only to be stunned by the complete insult to the Team. Not sure what kind of thought goes into making a decision as to which players are named on the poster, but obviously not much.

Not only did the poster only recognize a handful of players from the 25 man roster, it left off the coach and significant contributors from the NLCS like Matt Stairs, Ryan Madson, Joe Blanton and not to mention our own IronPig J.A. Happ, who saved our bullpen in game 3.

There is still time to right this wrong and honor the whole team. Please reprint this poster and insert it on Wednesday, the first day of the World Series.

If you do not comply, the Baseball Gods, will not be kind to the Morning Call. Take note how they treated the Chicago Cubs – another division of the Tribune Company.

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