Dutch Springs – A different kind of business

Stu Schooley was featured in the Morning Call “Outlook” section this Sunday as he continues to remake a “cement quarry” into one of the area’s most unique tourist attractions. Promoting the Lehigh Valley and Dutch Springs for over 28 years to SCUBA divers along the eastern seaboard, was not enough, Stu realized he needed to provide fun for the families and friends of the divers, so he created a Aqua Park.

This not only met the needs of the families of divers, but quickly served the growing demand for an affordable water park for the locals (who only visit Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom in the Fall). In 2005, Dutch Springs developed NorthStar Adventure, an experiential team building company, to fill the midweek and shoulder months around diving and the waterpark.

Throw in two food franchises, camping and scout activities around dog mushing, and rock climbing and you have an entrepeneur who understands if you are not the lead dog, your view never changes. Keep up the great work Stu!

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