Will partisan politics kill our economy?

I am sad to say Shawn Millian, campaign manager for Congressman Charlie Dent, has mixed up support for a candidate with supporting party politics as usual. In this email to facebook friends of Charlie Dent he writes this partisan remark about the state of our economy. Is this suppose to scare me into increasing my already committed support to Charlie Dent.

If politics as usual does not change in this country there is going to be a revolution. I asked Shawn Millan to apologize to the group, and he declined. I will hold out hope that Shawn Millan is not speaking on Charlie Dent’s behalf.

Here is the email:

Shawn Millan sent a message to the members of Charlie Dent for Congress (Official Campaign Group).
You will have information early this coming week about our Facebook party.

We want to do something good, but all we’ve been able to come up with so far is a “We’re All Socialists Now” Theme Picnic.

That’s when a few people work very hard cooking, baking and organizing for a great picnic and then people who weren’t even invited crash the party, complain about the music, and eat everything.

Don’t worry. We’ll have something better lined up by early next week.

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