Morning Call – Cuts are painful

As the Morning Call makes continued cuts to the writers and photographers of the paper, I am saddended to think that I will miss this paper in a couple of months, when it no longer provides me anything of value. Although, I have certainly disagreed with the editorial board and their position on the Lehigh Valley Zoo over the years, I did enjoy staying informed on many important issues in the region.

I love the touch and feel of the paper vs. the keyboard or smartphone. And will miss the quite moment, I have every morning with my newspaper and thoughts. The MC still delivers a good bang for the buck (100,000 readers) from and advertising perspective, but this will continue to disenigrate because of the core flaw in their business model.

By not listening to their readers, and eliminating staff, they have driven their customers to other sources for news and information. Ex. They cater the real estate section to the realtors (listing by realtor/not location), this only drives ppl to the mls to search for homes, where you can sort by location. I could go on and on, about what they have done to the sports section, but that is not going to change the situation.

The job cuts are painful for the employees, but they are probably releaved in some sense, since they can see the writing on the wall or now on the web.

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