Perfect Storm Delivers Big Results for Northeast Ski Resorts

If you think you have read all there is to know about snow after this past weekend, think twice. The story that will be hitting the airwaves and print media this week will revolve around a “Perfect Storm” of love, sport and cabin fever. While the traditional ski areas missed out on the monster storms of last weekend the Northeast resort managers are still having images of dollar signs dancing in their head! Here’s why….
Ever so often the February calendar aligns Valentine’s Day (February 14th) with the official President’s Holiday weekend (a quasi non-decipherable combination of President’s Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays), this year celebrated on February 15th.

This tends to make the 2nd weekend in February the most popular weekend for ski resorts. Add a 30 inch snow storm 7 days earlier and a possible repeat three days later in the big cities of Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia and you have the making for historic lift lines at the Pocono and Lehigh Valley ski areas this upcoming weekend, not to mention $200+ room rates in the surrounding resorts and inns.

If the room you want has a hot tub or fireplace you can guarantee it is not available! So if you are a skier or a romantic and have not made plans for this weekend, I say forget it. Do something romantic close to home, enjoy the long holiday preparing your taxes or painting the bathrooms.

You can take that ski trip any of the other 4 weekends between now and St. Patrick’s day,and I promise you the lift lines will be shorter and your wallet a little fatter after the trip.