Occupancy is 9/10 of the Law

As the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy continues, the chaos as it relates to hotel rooms will not quickly go away. The decision to cancel the NY Marathon was 100% correct, just 2 days late. Even when the electricity returns and residents return to their homes, a new influx of FEMA, contractors and insurance adjusters will gobble up hotel rooms just before the big Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and holiday season in NYC.

Bands, tour groups and individual guests will all be pushed out of the big city as long term hotel guests occupy rooms. No hotelier in their right mind can force a guest to leave once they have occupied a room and have not broken the law and have means of payment. Get ready for an increase in customer complaints and disappointed travelers as they find their well laid plans messed up by Sandy’s aftermath.

My suggestion for all those planning to travel into New York City is to call the hotel, speak to a Sr. Manager and get verbal confirmation at least three times that your room will be there when you arrive. If you have booked via an online travel agent plan on some type of hiccup. With 25% less profit in these reservations, the hotel will be less likely to honor the reservation.

I also recommend arriving early and before dark. No one wants to make their way around NYC in the dark looking for a hotel room, if theirs is somehow not available when they arrive. Groups that find themselves displaced can look to the Lehigh Valley at www.discoverlehighvalley.com for availability, great rates an only a 90 minute highway commute into the city.