Owned Media vs. Traditional Marketing

Over the past two years I have been retained by companies and organizations to help them understand social media and how it can help their small businesses compete with the big guys. Well, not to say that Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Foursquare can replace the expertise and convenience of having a PR firm at your disposal, but today small business owners are beginning to embrace the concept of “Owned Media” and learning how to deliver this content to their niche audience. Continue reading

A subsciber’s advice to the Morning Call newspaper

I have been a subscriber/reader of the Morning Call since taking my first job in the Lehigh Valley in 1989 at the old George Washington Lodge on McArthur Rd. The paper does a better job than anyone turning over leads for sales professionals in the tourism business. They get all the news and PR releases before anyone else and their stories in the morning paper are a great source. Continue reading

Lehigh Valley Tourism Tournament

Lehigh Valley Tourism Top 64 Attractions March Madness Style

I got to thinking about how many great places we have to see and things to do in our region and before you know it, I was up to 64 different events, museums, festivals, waterparks,zoos, etc. So I placed them in geographical regions, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and Lehigh Valley. Ranked them 1-16 in each region and now hope to get some feedback as to who gets to the sweet 16 and beyond. Continue reading

New AirTran Routes To Put Lehigh Valley On The Map

Local Lehigh Valley Tourism To Benefit From New AirTran Routes. 

When I first saw the press release from Lehigh Valley International Airport’s business development director Susan Kittle about the new AirTran routes to Atlanta it did not make a major impression with me. It seemed like the usual slow growth strategies we have grown accustom to when it comes to major airline announcements here in the Lehigh Valley. Continue reading

Perfect Storm Delivers Big Results for Northeast Ski Resorts

If you think you have read all there is to know about snow after this past weekend, think twice. The story that will be hitting the airwaves and print media this week will revolve around a “Perfect Storm” of love, sport and cabin fever. While the traditional ski areas missed out on the monster storms of last weekend the Northeast resort managers are still having images of dollar signs dancing in their head! Here’s why…. Continue reading

Prepare for Recovery: Build a Better Team in 2010

Since fall of 2008, hotels small and large alike have been shedding jobs and reducing expenses to weather this economic storm not seen since the Great Depression. Each month leaders look to the numbers on new job losses and unemployment applications for a glimmer of recovery. Most analysts are now saying that recovery will come sooner than later and hopefully by 4th Quarter of 2010. With better days ahead, I offer a little advice to area business hotel leaders, “Invest in training today to let your employees know you care.” Continue reading

New Clients for Rainmakers Lehigh Valley

Rainmakers Lehigh Valley Adds Custom Restaurant Software,
Area Caterer and Local Sports Newspaper to Offerings

Employing a full-time sales and marketing professional for most small businesses and non-profit organizations is quickly becoming a thing of the past. “Hiring an outside agency for business development needs for a small business may soon become as common place as outsourcing payroll administration, bookkeeping and IT solutions,” says Gregg Marzano, President of Rainmakers Lehigh Valley. Continue reading

Girl Scout Badgefest hosted by NorthStar Adventure at Dutch Springs

NorthStar Adventure Announces Badgefest 2009, Highly coveted dog mushing fun patch to be offered!

August 20, 2009 – Bethlehem, PA. Girl Scouts from as far away as Connecticut are expected at the first annual Girl Scout Badgefest hosted by NorthStar Adventure at Dutch Springs. Planned for the weekend of November 13-15th this three day event is sure to become a highlight for young girls as they work towards their badge requirements. “The girl scouts love coming here,” said Kari Hunyadi, lead facilitator at NorthStar Adventure. Continue reading

Perfection requires Entire Team Effort

A perfect game in baseball is similar to a perfect sellout for a hotel.

Mark Buehrle’s perfect game on July 23rd, 2009 demonstrated how everyone on the Chicago White Sox was performing at a high level and contributed to the rare fete, a perfect game. Although much of the celebration and accolades go to the pitcher, a true sports fan knows that it took a complete team effort to accomplish what has only been done 18 times in the past 125 years. Continue reading