Morning Call – Cuts are painful

As the Morning Call makes continued cuts to the writers and photographers of the paper, I am saddended to think that I will miss this paper in a couple of months, when it no longer provides me anything of value. Although, I have certainly disagreed with the editorial board and their position on the Lehigh Valley Zoo over the years, I did enjoy staying informed on many important issues in the region. Continue reading

Dutch Springs – A different kind of business

Stu Schooley was featured in the Morning Call “Outlook” section this Sunday as he continues to remake a “cement quarry” into one of the area’s most unique tourist attractions. Promoting the Lehigh Valley and Dutch Springs for over 28 years to SCUBA divers along the eastern seaboard, was not enough, Stu realized he needed to provide fun for the families and friends of the divers, so he created a Aqua Park. Continue reading

Will partisan politics kill our economy?

I am sad to say Shawn Millian, campaign manager for Congressman Charlie Dent, has mixed up support for a candidate with supporting party politics as usual. In this email to facebook friends of Charlie Dent he writes this partisan remark about the state of our economy. Is this suppose to scare me into increasing my already committed support to Charlie Dent. Continue reading