Baseball Gods – Please forgive the Morning Call

I opened my Morning Call Sunday inserts to see the glossy poster celebrating the Phillies Playoff success, only to be stunned by the complete insult to the Team. Not sure what kind of thought goes into making a decision as to which players are named on the poster, but obviously not much. Continue reading

Support your Zoo – Tell Lehigh County Commissioners to support Quality of life initiatives

Dear Friends of the Lehigh Valley Zoo:

We need YOUR help today!

At Lehigh County’s Budget Hearing Overview on September 25th, Gregg Marzano, Lehigh Valley Zoological Society’s Chairperson and Stacey Johnson, Lehigh Valley Zoo’s Executive Director presented a solid case for support to the Lehigh County Commissioners to request an additional allocation of $200,000 in the 2009 County budget, thereby continuing taxpayer support of the Zoo at the level of $350,000 annually. Continue reading

Passenger Rail – Now is the time!

Regional rail to NYC and PHL will open the Lehigh Valley to millions of potential visitors from NY, Boston, PHL, Baltimore and Washington, DC. As residents of the region we would not only benefit from access to high paying jobs, but also access to some of the finest parts of our country for vacations and weekend escapes. Continue reading

Four Day Work Week Could Boost Local Tourism

May 23, 2008 – Lehigh Valley PA. Dutch Springs Aqua Park, Lehigh Valley Zoo, Dorney Park, Davinci Science Center, Rave Motion Picture theater, and the shops at the Lehigh Valley Mall are just a few of the local attractions and destinations that could benefit if the larger local institutions and businesses in the region would adopt a 10 hour four day work week, says Gregg Marzano, President of Rainmakers Lehigh Valley, a local sales and marketing firm specializing in travel and tourism markets. Continue reading

Lehigh Valley Hotels need to add Green meetings with outside team building packages

Lehigh Valley Hotels should cater their meeting packages around green events and unique team building events to compensate for new competition. As more and more hotels pop up with little or no meeting space, the full-service big boys should be looking to green meetings to fill the lost transient business. Green meetings will seperate them from the competition and allow the event planner to get some green points with their company. Benchmark Hospitality just released their Top Ten Meeting Trends – Green meetings and outside team building are high on the list. Continue reading