10 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your CVB Partnership

10 Tips For GettingThe Most Out Of Your CVB Partnership

As hotel operators it easy to get caught up in delivering exceptional customer service to our guests, offering job counseling to our employees or hustling our sales team to close the next big piece of business. The frenetic pace of the hospitality business can often lead to overlooked opportunities. Continue reading

10 Ideas, Trends and Truths About the Lodging Industry

Just completed a 17 month assignment at the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort and was fortunate to work along side some of the most passionate leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry. The Kirkwood Family and Rob Howell the property General Manager have a one-of-a kind resort nestled quietly alongside the Delaware River in the Pocono Mountains. Continue reading

Owned Media vs. Traditional Marketing

Over the past two years I have been retained by companies and organizations to help them understand social media and how it can help their small businesses compete with the big guys. Well, not to say that Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Foursquare can replace the expertise and convenience of having a PR firm at your disposal, but today small business owners are beginning to embrace the concept of “Owned Media” and learning how to deliver this content to their niche audience. Continue reading

Prepare for Recovery: Build a Better Team in 2010

Since fall of 2008, hotels small and large alike have been shedding jobs and reducing expenses to weather this economic storm not seen since the Great Depression. Each month leaders look to the numbers on new job losses and unemployment applications for a glimmer of recovery. Most analysts are now saying that recovery will come sooner than later and hopefully by 4th Quarter of 2010. With better days ahead, I offer a little advice to area business hotel leaders, “Invest in training today to let your employees know you care.” Continue reading

New Clients for Rainmakers Lehigh Valley

Rainmakers Lehigh Valley Adds Custom Restaurant Software,
Area Caterer and Local Sports Newspaper to Offerings

Employing a full-time sales and marketing professional for most small businesses and non-profit organizations is quickly becoming a thing of the past. “Hiring an outside agency for business development needs for a small business may soon become as common place as outsourcing payroll administration, bookkeeping and IT solutions,” says Gregg Marzano, President of Rainmakers Lehigh Valley. Continue reading

Morning Call – Cuts are painful

As the Morning Call makes continued cuts to the writers and photographers of the paper, I am saddended to think that I will miss this paper in a couple of months, when it no longer provides me anything of value. Although, I have certainly disagreed with the editorial board and their position on the Lehigh Valley Zoo over the years, I did enjoy staying informed on many important issues in the region. Continue reading

Support your Zoo – Tell Lehigh County Commissioners to support Quality of life initiatives

Dear Friends of the Lehigh Valley Zoo:

We need YOUR help today!

At Lehigh County’s Budget Hearing Overview on September 25th, Gregg Marzano, Lehigh Valley Zoological Society’s Chairperson and Stacey Johnson, Lehigh Valley Zoo’s Executive Director presented a solid case for support to the Lehigh County Commissioners to request an additional allocation of $200,000 in the 2009 County budget, thereby continuing taxpayer support of the Zoo at the level of $350,000 annually. Continue reading