NorthStar Adventure, Bethlehem PA, to offer Olweus Bullying Prevention Training to area Schools

Jason Chartrand, Director NorthStar Adventure receives Olweus Bullying Prevention Training Certification

NorthStar Adventure to provide bullying prevention training to area schools.

December 10, 2008 Bethlehem, PA – Every seven minutes a schoolchild is bullied. Adults intervened in 4 percent of those situations, and peers intervened 11 percent of the time, leaving 85 percent of incidents with no intervention at all (U.S. Justice Department). Continue reading

Passenger Rail – Now is the time!

Regional rail to NYC and PHL will open the Lehigh Valley to millions of potential visitors from NY, Boston, PHL, Baltimore and Washington, DC. As residents of the region we would not only benefit from access to high paying jobs, but also access to some of the finest parts of our country for vacations and weekend escapes. Continue reading