Tourism – Marzano Hospitality Group will work with you to develop key programs and action steps designed to maximize your organization’s partnership with the local tourism promotion agency and the leisure travel demand in your market.

Events – MHG will assist in developing special event plans complete with budget assumptions, revenue and expense benchmarks, staffing guidelines, marketing recommendations, and post event recaps. We can provide recommendations and resources for day to day management of the event upon request.

Social Media – Developing a social media strategy can be complicated and time consuming. MHG will assist in reviewing your organization’s communication goals and developing a social media plan that is aligned with the vision and mission of your organization. MHG can provide recommendations for day to day management of your social media platforms.

Web Design/Hosting – Marzano Hospitality Group will work with you to frame out your organizations electronic media platforms including website design, mobile platforms, social media and CRM campaigns. MHG works closely with a digital e-commerce firm to provide our clients with clean, user-friendly web tools.

Non-Profit Organizations – Gregg Marzano has initiated and developed non-profit organizations and recognizes the leadership crisis that exists in today’s non-profit boards. MHG will challenge the organization leadership to think beyond the status quo, and to consider alternate operating processes and unique funding streams.

Marzano Referral Network – Marzano Hospitality Group is pleased to partner with a host of businesses and hospitality consultants to deliver prompt and affordable sales and marketing services for our clients. To view a list of partners or to join the Marzano Hospitality Network click the contact MHG tab.