Will partisan politics kill our economy?

I am sad to say Shawn Millian, campaign manager for Congressman Charlie Dent, has mixed up support for a candidate with supporting party politics as usual. In this email to facebook friends of Charlie Dent he writes this partisan remark about the state of our economy. Is this suppose to scare me into increasing my already committed support to Charlie Dent. Continue reading

Support your Zoo – Tell Lehigh County Commissioners to support Quality of life initiatives

Dear Friends of the Lehigh Valley Zoo:

We need YOUR help today!

At Lehigh County’s Budget Hearing Overview on September 25th, Gregg Marzano, Lehigh Valley Zoological Society’s Chairperson and Stacey Johnson, Lehigh Valley Zoo’s Executive Director presented a solid case for support to the Lehigh County Commissioners to request an additional allocation of $200,000 in the 2009 County budget, thereby continuing taxpayer support of the Zoo at the level of $350,000 annually. Continue reading