Can facebook Save the Lehigh Valley Zoo?

It worked for President Barack Obama, now it seems the powerful social media group facebook, may save the Lehigh Valley Zoo. When I first received an email from the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce that it had a facebook page, I giggled and thought who has time for that? Next, the Lehigh Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau said they were launching InSite, their new Blog. Again, I said who has time for that? Continue reading

Support your Zoo – Tell Lehigh County Commissioners to support Quality of life initiatives

Dear Friends of the Lehigh Valley Zoo:

We need YOUR help today!

At Lehigh County’s Budget Hearing Overview on September 25th, Gregg Marzano, Lehigh Valley Zoological Society’s Chairperson and Stacey Johnson, Lehigh Valley Zoo’s Executive Director presented a solid case for support to the Lehigh County Commissioners to request an additional allocation of $200,000 in the 2009 County budget, thereby continuing taxpayer support of the Zoo at the level of $350,000 annually. Continue reading

Take a backyard vacation at the Lehigh Valley Zoo

Lehigh Valley Zoological Society and Lehigh Valley Zoo
Celebrate Fourth Spring with Founders Club Celebration

It has been over three years since the Lehigh County Commissioners and Administration partnered with the Lehigh Valley Zoological Society (LVZS) to keep the Zoo at the Trexler Nature Preserve open. Continue reading